Anthony A. Simon

When you apply through us you get your very own personal Buddy Broker that helps you find a loan you love.


  • Car finance through ApprovalBuddy is sourced from banks and lending institutions which set guide lines that you will have to meet to be approved.
  • Car finance are loans that are secured to the vehicle so if you decide to trade or sell your car at a later date the loan will need to be paid out.
  • The loan terms for personal use car finance aren’t fixed so you can pay the loan off earlier.
  • Car finance periods are from 24 – 84 months
  • Interest rates for secured personal car finance are fixed for the term so repayments will stay the same for the loan period.
  • You can make extra repayments which in turn will lower your interest charge for personal car finance
  • Most banks do charge a small early termination fee which your Buddy Broker can explain but in most cases out ways the saving of interest that you wont pay

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